Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic motors convert flow and pressure into rotational speed and torque to power and drive conveyors, trenchers, harvesters, ground drives and other machines. Hydraulic motors can convey torque directly or through the use of a planetary gearbox. The motors allow you to control the operating speeds, acceleration and deceleration of your application.

Certified Cirus Control Systems has a complete line of compact open-loop and closed-loop hydraulic motors that meet the demands of both low-torque and high-torque shock loads. When paired with the right pumps, hydraulic motors are exceptionally efficient and deliver high-power density ratios. If you need rotational torque, CCCS has the ideal hydraulic motor for your application.

Gear motors

Gear motors use a simple design with only a few parts, similar to a gear pump. The motors are suited for higher speeds, dependent on displacement, and provide a rotational torque, allowing your machine to do the work required. Gear motors are lower in cost than other motors and have a higher tolerance against contamination.

Orbital motors

Orbital motors, also known as low-speed high-torque (LSHT) motors, are available in two types: gerotor and geroler. The two motor styles are designed for lower speeds and high rotational forces. The small and compact motors are robust and made to meet your specific application needs. CCCS has the largest selection of orbital motors available in the industry. Our motors are used for applications ranging from slew drive, auger and spreader to conveyor and product pumps.

Piston motors

Piston motors are available in various shapes and sizes, including radial and axial designs. Axial piston motors use an in-line or bent axis and have fixed and variable options. Piston motors are efficient up to 98%, handle pressures up to 5,000+ psi and offer many control options.

CCCS has an industry-leading motor selection and we look forward to solving your unique and specific hydraulic motor application challenges.