Hydraulic Accessories

Certified Cirus Control Systems carries a comprehensive line of hydraulic accessories, from standard products to custom solutions, for your specific application needs. Our inventory includes hoses and fittings, pressure gauges, filters, sight gauges, suction strainers and ball valves.

For maximum product performance and reliability, CCCS works with you to ensure you select the proper product accessories. Contact a hydraulic specialist today for assistance with identifying the right accessory for your application.

Gauges — Wika

CCCS has sight-level gauges, fluid-level switches, visual and digital pressure gauges up to 10,000 psi in many mounting configurations. If you have a need for any type of gauge, we represent best-in-class manufacturers to provide you the right gauge for your requirements and application needs.

Accumulators — Tobul, Parker

CCCS stocks a complete line of piston, diaphragm and bladder accumulators for industrial or mobile applications. We use manufacturers that specialize in the latest technology to reduce size and weight in any volume and to provide industry and market knowledge to help you meet your application needs.

Filters — Schroeder, Parker

To ensure performance and system life, the filter is one of the most important pieces of any hydraulic system. Contamination is the most common source of hydraulic failure. With our best-in-class manufacturers, and many years of experience in selecting the proper filter for your application, CCCS will keep your machines up and running and performing at their best.

Reservoirs — LDI, Abt, In-House

CCCS has a reservoir for your industrial or mobile market application. We offer standard off-the-shelf products and custom designed units with specific sizes, weights and fitment requirements.