Hydraulics products used by snowplow trucks for snow and ice removal

Certified Cirus Control Systems offers a full line of hydraulics systems and components that are easy to install and operate.

Our central hydraulics kits are front-to-back systems customized for your customer’s or organization’s mobile hydraulics applications. A variety of reservoirs, enclosures and filtration products are available to protect your snowplow truck equipment.

CCCS stocks hydraulic parts from industry-leading manufacturers. Combined with our experienced sales and engineering team, we are equipped to meet all of your hydraulic system components needs, from pumps, motors and valves to coolers, filtration and accessories. Our customized hydraulic circuits and affordable parts and components ensure that your hydraulic system is the most reliable and productive in the market.

Danfoss Series 45 pump used by snowplow trucks for snow and ice removal

Mobile hydraulic pumps

Certified Cirus Control Systems can meet your needs for mobile hydraulic pumps. With access to products from Danfoss, Parker Hannifin, Eaton and others, our trained staff can assist you with finding the proper piston, gear or vane pump for your application.

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Driveline and PTO pump drive options used in snowplow trucks for snow and ice removal

Pump drive options

Certified Cirus Control Systems has the pump drive solutions to fit your needs. From PTOs to raw driveshaft components or fully engineered assemblies, we have the expertise to fit a drive system to your application.

Modular spool valve system used by snowplow trucks for snow and ice removal

Spool valve systems

Dependability and consistency are what you can expect from Certified Cirus Control Systems modular hydraulic spool valves systems. Available in a variety of systems from respected brands such as Danfoss and Parker, our hydraulic spool valve systems offer wide-ranging flow capacity and pressure ratings, and compatibility with manual, pneumatic and electronic plow and spreader controls.

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Modular manifold systems modular manifold valve assembly used by snowplow trucks for snow and ice removal

Modular manifold systems

Modular manifold systems from Certified Cirus Control Systems feature cartridge valves and provide wide-ranging capabilities and function configuration for optimum performance. Our modular manifolds are available in numerous designs and offer more precise proportion control and consistent operation so you can deliver unparalleled winter maintenance.

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Enclosures and reservoirs used by snowplow trucks for snow and ice removal

Enclosures and reservoirs

Protecting your snowplow equipment and safely storing hydraulic fluid are essential considerations. Whether you need protective enclosures safeguarding your winter maintenance control systems from the elements, or functional reservoirs offering combination or standalone tanks, Certified Cirus Control Systems offers a variety of sleek, compact reservoirs and effective enclosures.

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