Hydraulic Applications

The hydraulic fluid in a hydraulic machine functions similarly to the blood within our bodies. Hydraulic hoses deliver hydraulic fluid to the machine’s components, providing energy for the machine to do its job.

Certified Cirus Control Systems has experience providing hydraulic hose and hydraulic fittings to many different hydraulic applications, a sample of which are listed below. In each of the examples, hydraulic fluid is drawn from a reservoir to a hydraulic pump, and then through valves, hoses and fittings to cylinders and motors before returning to the reservoir. In effect, hydraulic hoses transfer energy between the machine’s different components to form a complete hydraulic circuit.

Snow and ice trucks

Plows, spreaders, augers, spinners, dump.

Construction equipment

Excavators, skid loaders, scrapers, pavers, earth-moving machines, dump trucks, loaders, tractors, mowers, backhoes, bulldozers, road graders, fork trucks, steamrollers, sweepers.

Agricultural equipment

Fertilizers, manure spreaders, combines, harvesters, trucks.

Mining equipment

Excavators, draglines, drills, roof bolters, continuous miners, longwall miners, rock dusters, shuttle cars, scoops, trucks.

Oil and gas

Drill rigs, fluid transfer, pipeline maintenance, cranes, inspection equipment.

Factory applications

Hydraulic power units, process equipment, paper mills, presses, robotics, assembly lines.